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Instantly Boost Popularity: If you buy Twitter Followers or Retweets from us you can instantly boost your Twitter popularity. We process your orders within 24 hours so if you ordered today, tomorrow you could look like a celebrity! It is not only businesses or artists who use our service neither. Normal people with normal profiles also use us. Having a lot of Twitter followers is like a modern day social status, the more you have, the more popular you look on the outside world too.

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Buy Twitter Followers: We only provide real Twitter followers which are hand picked and high quality. All of our followers have full bio’s and profiles and obviously they tweet like normal users. Don’t go elsewhere and receive useless egg profiles which are good for no-one. We also have a pay monthly service were we can drip feed a certain amount of Twitter followers over the course of a month.

Buy Twitter Retweets: Like our Followers, all retweets are from real Twitter users. You can instantly get your message out to thousands upon thousands of people with our service. Along with the benefits of getting your message across, it also helps with SEO if you own a website. Social signals are vital to help rank your website high up in the Google rankings. Buy Twitter retweets and this will help out massively.

Buy Twitter Favourites: Make yourself look popular by buying Twitter favourites from The Social Guys. We provide a fast and professional service so once you have bought thousands of followers you can also buy Twitter favourites to go with them. This service is ideal for artists / musicians who want to get themselves noticed on Twitter. Although it works for most industries and professions too.

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Facebook Likes: We don’t only deal with Twitter. We also have a very sophisticated system for Facebook, too. We are the most reliable company delivering the highest quality Facebook Likes in the UK. We can guarantee if you buy Facebook likes from us you will not be disappointed. Whether you are a PR company looking to outsource or a business owner looking to expand your reach over Facebook, our service is for you.

There are many reasons why a person or business would buy Facebook Likes. The main reason is to give the impression that their product or service is a popular one, thus attracting new customers and clientele. Although this may seem like an underhand tactic, it is used in real life marketing too. Retail businesses often make their products attractive using marketing efforts such as these.

People often get confused on the reason why people buy likes. It isn’t to be used as your only marketing campaign, it should be used ALONG your main marketing campaign. By buying Facebook Likes alone will it will not automatically create more new customers for you. The likes delivered are usually un-targeted to your specific niche and therefore may never buy from you. But, by increasing the numbers on your Facebook page you will increase the likelihood of people ‘liking’ your page more naturally.

Did you know that in the UK there are around 40 Million small business pages on Facebook? That is a lot of competition! Using our service can help you gain the advantage you need over your competitors. Now we aren’t saying you have 40 Million competitors but each small business has at least 1. Even by increasing your Likes numbers past your closest competitor can help bring in the money.

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Increase Facebook exposure: Using our Facebook service has many benefits and one of them is increase exposure of your page. The more Likes your Facebook page has, the more exposure it gets. It’s simple maths. Don’t take our word for it though, order a test package and see for yourself.

Beat Your Competitors: This is probably the biggest reason why someone would purchase Facebook Likes. If your competition all have hundreds or even thousands more Facebook Likes than you, then it is inevitable that they will gain the most clients over yourself. All you need to do is buy Facebook Likes from us at a cheap price in comparison to buying them from elsewhere and you will instantly gain credit within the Facebook community.

Become Trustworthy: Having a large number of Likes instantly raises trust and authority. It gives the impression that as many other people have Liked the page and business then they must be doing something right.

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Become An Instagram Celebrity

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Become An Overnight Celebrity: There is nothing worse than signing up to Instagram and having zero Instagram Followers. When you buy Instagram Followers you will notice that other people will start to take an interest in your account and start Liking your photos that you work so hard to create.

Boost exposure: By exposure we don’t mean on your camera, we mean exposure of the images you upload to Instagram. By buying Instagram Followers or Likes you will automatically boost any exposure to your images within hours.

Buy Instagram Likes: We can also deliver Instagram Likes so even if you have a large number of Instagram followers it is easy to boost the Likes numbers on your images to make you look even more popular!

Buy Instagram Video Views: This is our brand new service. This can run along the Likes services so if you are planning on buying Instagram Likes on a video then we strongly advise that you buy Instagram Video views first.

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